Green Forward Initiative

Janesville recognizes our environmental responsibility and focuses on continuous development of fiber solutions that are environmentally friendly.

New standards continue to be established in manufacturing as environmental concerns drive industries to find new alternative methods to become “green” in their processes. The use of recycled materials has been a part of our manufacturing process since our company began well over a century ago. Janesville is well ahead of the curve, with ongoing initiatives towards exploring recycled materials and methods to reduce vehicle weight and increase recyclability throughout our processes.

Our core product ingredient is recycled fiber. Our thermal and acoustical insulation products utilize post-industrial recycled textile fibers and recycled PET containers are used in our automotive trim products. Among our many product solutions, the successful development of our multiple-layer, lightweight fiber product not only enhances sound quality in a vehicle, but also provides substantial weight savings over conventional mass treatment in vehicles. We continue to explore the use of various types of recyclable materials in our effort to improve our product offering and processes.

Designing for the Environment

As we develop new material and product designs, we focus on several factors to achieve the following criteria:

  • Least material required for function
  • Lightest weight material required for function
  • “Greenest” materials for function – Recyclable – Renewable – Biodegradable – Reduceable (size) – Returnable (collaborate with customer for return of waste)
  • Best materials for recycling / return into product
  • Most efficient assembly techniques to reduce impact on other components

JA Statistics

A recycled fiber floor insulator is a typical product application for Janesville. Listed below is an example of Janesville’s recycled content for this type of product.

  • PET
  • Recycled bottle
  • Mixed 1 Industrial Recycled
  • Mixed 2 Industrial Recycled
  • Mixed 3 Industrial Recycled
  • PET Virgin

Note: Component trim recyclable into other components

Not only do we begin our process using recycled material, our end products are designed to be up to 100% recyclable, thus helping to reduce landfill waste.