Aerotex® Exterior Underbody Panels


Aerotex® Exterior Underbody Panels

Janesville’s Aerotex® substrates offer a structural underbody panel that is lighter weight and provides an acoustical advantage over traditional injection molded parts. It also is more acoustical and cost effective than competitive porous materials such as LWRT glass/pp or natural fibers.
Features & Benefits :

  1. Semi-porous material offers acoustic benefits that can not be provided by injection molded glass/pp and VAC formed HDPE constructions
  2. Light weighting—40% weight reduction over typical injection molded parts
  3. Offers “bend but not crack” properties and provides durability when impacted

Applications : Automotive / Transportation

  1. Exterior underbody panels
  2. Protective shields for fuel tanks and other exterior items
  3. Other structural interior/exterior panels