Duratex® Exterior Wheel Liners


Duratex® Exterior Wheel Liners

Janesville’s Duratex® engineered fiber construction is a durable, lightweight and 100% recyclable PET or PET/PP blend. It has rapidly replaced vacuum formed and injection molded plastic wheel arch liners which were the standard in years past.
Features & Benefits :

  1. Durable high penetration per inch construction
  2. Guaranteed no cold cracking
  3. Bend no break characteristics (will stay attached to vehicle)
  4. Excellent sound absorption
  5. Flexible material reduces radiation of impact noise from stone and water impacting on the surface of the wheel liner
  6. Attenuation of airborne tire noise strength at the source by up to 5 dB at frequencies above 1000Hz, reducing dominant tire noise in the vehicle interior
  7. Optional proprietary “Ice Peel” treatment that reduces buildup of ice and snow in the wheel well that can impede the full range of steering motion
  8. 100% recyclable product

Applications : Automotive / Transportation

  1. Front & Rear Exterior Wheel Liners
  2. Exterior Underbody Bin Shields